Our Process

A positive experience and good communication is our number 1 priority in our company. Our goal is to make our building process as efficient as possible. Work process organization is the main point to the success of our company and the guarantee of a result that is beyond satisfactory for our clients.


1. Contact

Everything begins with sharing your plan with us. You can call us, send messages or complete a request form on our website. We will get in touch with you, learn more about your project and ask for pictures of your deck, patio or backyard.

2. Estimate and Design

Once we have a clear picture of what you are looking for, we will provide you with a custom plan designed according to your ideas and wishes for the project and also taking your property into account. Alongside with a detailed contract and quote proposal. Once you have the proposal, we will talk to you and schedule a on-site visit at your home, at the time and day that is best for you, of course.

3. Visit

Before your appointment, you will get a text or email from us, to confirm that you are at home. During the free consultation, we will talk about the project and analyze your property, show you some samples and help you decide the right materials and share our experience with you. All the necessary measurements will be made and checked and we will help you identify and visualize exactly what you are looking for and what we can achieve for you.

4. Build

That’s when the fun begins. We will start precisely at the agreed timeframe. All necessary materials will be ordered and delivered. Our team will do it all, from securing permits to cleaning up the construction debris.  And when your construction is over, all you will have to do, is: enjoy!

5. Standing Behind

We care about our customers, and to prove that, we will get in touch with you after some time, check in with you and schedule a new visit to verify the results and make sure that everything is going according to what you have dreamed of.