Our Process

Connect and Design

First we connect with the client to see and discuss their vision. We have an open talk to be certain all parties understand the vision and the end goal. Once we are all on the same page, we produce a simple model and estimate of what the plan will look like to ensure we are speaking in the same language and so we can easily explain the work and put a proposal together.

Meet and Inspection

We meet to talk better about the project, answer any questions, show materials and samples, make the project site inspection, confirm measurements and adjust the design.

Estimate and Proposal

Next we produce a clear and accurate estimate and proposal considering any alterations requested during the meet, so we forecast how long construction will take. The contract is signed and the job is ready to begin: permits and plans will be done, materials purchased, deliveries organized and construction beginning is scheduled, usually three weeks after the contract is signed.

Construction Phase

Construction begins on a client’s project with expert Project Management in control at all times. All aspects of the construction are monitored to assure quality control and that the project is on the previously agreed timeline. We’re almost there, soon you will have your new space ready.

Close Out

Once the construction is complete and you have your beautiful new space, we address any punch list, warranty, operation and maintenance documents, etc. This is the most exciting moment because you and your loved ones can just relax and enjoy your new upgraded and beautiful space, and most importantly we have built yet another great relationship with our Deck Solid client.


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