Deck Solid is also your experienced contractor for patios.
We design and build patios, driveway, walkways which can be completed with fire pits, benches or an outdoor kitchen.
We work with different brands and materials to offer the best options, always taking in consideration the project’s needs, design and budget, and also material quality and availability.
We use materials such as pavers, shield-pavers, permeable pavers, natural stone, flagstone, concrete – with options of stamped concrete.
The most important is to overcome our customers’ expectations, providing them with the best they can have within their budgets and doing so according to all technical details and safe codes, with a good and well done site preparation, so that any patio or driveway will last years to come and their only work will be enjoy and use their new beautiful improved space.

Brands we use

We work with different brands and materials to offer the best options, always taking in consideration the project’s needs, design, goal, budget, material quality and availability.

Each project is unique and has different needs, requirements and each customer has their own expectation and vision, so each project has to be designed accordingly and choosing right is a very important part of it.

We recommend and repeatedly use excellent brands that we trust and we know they have high material quality such as Nicolock pavers, Belgard pavers and Lafarge Concrete and Cement. 

The materials and brands recommended for your project will depend on its vision, design, goal and budget, and also its current availability, so we will help you choose the ones which will work perfectly for your project.

Nicolock Paving Stones allows us to create stunning outdoor living spaces. They offer a variety of materials from classic paving stone for patios and walkways to wall systems, pier, steps, fire pits and other landscaping features.

They offer permeable pavers with a stylish look and environmentally friendly benefits or different designs of shield pavers and stone pavers.

Belgard produces durable and stylish interlocking concrete pavers and permeable pavers in a range of styles for a variety of applications: Walkways, Patio, Plazas and Courtyards • Driveway and Parking Lots • Roadways and Streets • Ports and Industrial Uses.

They come in different sizes, color and design allowing you to choose the one that will make your outliving space look the best while keeping the highest quality.


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