Why DeckSolid

Since 2008, Deck Solid has been a specialized and recognized as a top Deck & Patio Contractor in the Maryland and DC Area. Whether you’re looking for just replacing some damaged boards or building a new multi level composite deck with glass railings, we are more than happy to help you achieve the results you seek. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a free in house consultation.

About Us

  • 13 years in the business
  • Dedicated local owner/operators
  • Trained, licensed and certified in all applicable areas
  • Focused on design and quality
  • Established national relationships with preferred material vendors

What sets us apart

We invest in Pier Footings in our jobs: They are concrete foundations used to hold the structure of the deck. It eliminates worries about surface water coming in direct contact with the primary structure, provides a built-in crawl space for easier access to plumbing, wiring and ductwork and allows air to circulate under the house, so mildew and rot are uncommon.

We work with a system of railing attachment in every 12 inches: As a rule of thumb, every railings must have at least 3 balusters in every 12 inches. They mainly provide a sense of safety, as well as helping people balance on steps and platforms, carrying unwieldy loads and keeping items from flying off on windy days.

Our Framings are built according to code compliance, we make sure to follow all instructions and steps. Using pressure-treated lumber, we fill all boxes when it comes to flashing, ledgers, hardwares, joists, joist bridges, footings, beams and support posts.

Deck Solid puts quality in the first place. We insist on having the best techniques combined with the best materials for a great final work.